WG9 – Quality assurance, quality check and fitness for purpose of AQ planning modelling applications

S. Janssen (VITO)
B. Bessagnet (JRC)
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The aim of this WG is to deliver recommendations on QA/QC methods to assess the quality of models used for planning purposes. The WG9 activities will focus on:

  • 1 Assessing the sensitivity of the model responses to emission reductions when input data (emissions, meteorology…) or the model itself is changed, with a focus on short-term model responses.
  • 2 Assessing the influence of various processes (e.g. meteorology, emissions, resolution…) in the observed differences
  • 3 Providing recommendations on the combined use of models and observations for planning purposes
  • 4 Evaluate consequences for e-reporting of planning data
  • 5 Providing overall support to model users (SHERPA, air quality models…) in their planning activities (measures, emission and model scenarios)

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