CT9 - Robustness of AQ model projections

A.Monteiro (Univ. Aveiro)
B. Bessagnet (JRC)
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This topic deals with the approaches that Member States use to plan future strategies for air quality, taking into account EU and national legislation (e.g. the National Emission Ceilings Directive) and at the same time fulfilling local compliance. The aims of this crossCutting task are to deliver (1) recommendations on methods to prioritize measures and policies,(2) recommendations on methods to assess the robustness attached to the potential impact of a modelled measure , (3) recommendations on how to integrate the requirements of the National Emission Ceilings and Ambient Air Quality directives. In the frame of this roadmap, the activities mostly focus on point (2) and include:

  • 1 Assessing the sensitivity of the model responses to emission reductions when input data (emissions, meteorology…) or the model itself is changed
  • 2 Contributing to the harmonization of the specifications used to classify abatement measures that can be selected at the regional and local scales. The identified abatement measures will be classified according to their impacts on emission and concentration reductions
  • 3 Providing overall support to model users (SHERPA, air quality models…) in their planning activities (measures, emission and model scenarios)

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