WG5 – Efficient and robust AQ measures

E.Pisoni (JRC)
J. Soares (NILU)
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Work will continue to elaborate recommendations to support local, regional and national authorities in designing efficient and coherent measures. It will also support the reporting of those measures to ensure comparability and exchange of good practices.

The idea of this WG is to look for a more comprehensive approach, that strengthens the interactions with other WGs, to build an ’air quality management process’ to support authorities. To achieve this aim, this working group will develop a ‘checklist / guidance’, to help preparing/reporting a plan. The checklist’s ingredients will originate from links with other WGs, i.e. with WG1 (to understand the main sources of pollution), WG7 (to analyse and evaluate emissions), WG8 (to evaluate exposure to air pollutants), WG9 (to deal with scenarios and assess the impact of measures on air quality).

The aim of the WG5 ‘checklist’ is also to ‘distillate’ FAIRMODE technical contents (from other WGs) in a simplified way, so that these messages can reach policy makers. A holistic approach will be used to built the ‘checklist’, looking (among others) at ways to:

  • 1 Improve the coordination with other geographical (EU, country, regional, ...) and sectoral (energy, transport, agricultural, ...) policies,
  • 2 Involve cities (i.e. Eurocities or other relevant city networks).

The last step of the work will be to test the ‘checklist’ with partner cities.

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