CT2 - QA/QC Protocol for assessment

P.Thunis (JRC)
L.Tarrasson (NILU)
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FAIRMODE has been working for a long time on a methodology to benchmark model performance. This resulted in the proposing of a Modelling Quality Objective (MQO), which has been extensively tested over the recent years and eventually reached a good level of maturity and consensus within the community. On the other hand, the FAIRMODE community identified a need to develop a QA/QC protocol to ensure that the quality of a modelling application is not determined only by the pass/fail result of the MQO test. The activities within this crosscutting activity focus on:

  • 1 Following up and contributing to the consolidation of the MQO, together with the CEN TC264/WG43 working group that has the mandate to develop a European standard for this modelling quality objective.
  • 2 Elaborating recommendations to set up an overall QA/QC protocol for air quality modelling purposes. This protocol will be based on a three-steps approach (Documentation, Implementation and Assessment).
  • 3 Following up and further developing of the EU Composite Mapping Platform in which national, regional and local air quality maps are collected and assembled. This platform will be further elaborated in particular to support the goals of this CT.

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