WG2 – Quality assurance, quality check and fitness for purpose of AQ assessment modelling applications

P.Thunis (JRC)
L.Tarrasson (NILU)
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While this working group activities have so far focused on developing a methodology to benchmark model performance (Modelling Quality Objective (MQO), QA/QC protocol), future activities will focus on regular inter-comparison exercises based on the Composite Mapping platform and use of the MQO indicators:

  • 1 Regular inter-comparisons and targeted analysis of key reported assessment data (modelling air concentrations & emissions aggregated data)
    • Targeted analysis of the Modelling Quality Indicator (MQI) across Europe (based on the comparison of on-the-fly and reported MQI)
    • Targeted study of the underlying emission data (Emission Dashboard – link to WG7)
    • Testing usability and usefulness of modelling metadata
    • Consequences for e-reporting of modelling data
  • 2 Guidance on model application, documentation and validation
    • Update of the 2011 FAIRMODE guide on model application
    • Support to AAQD guidance on model use
    • Support to CEN WG43 (MQO) on the implementation of MQI

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