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Forum for air quality modelling in Europe

  • Working groups

    FAIRMODE identified the following major applications of models within the Air Quality Directive.

    Application 1

    Assessment of air quality levels to establish the extent of exceedances and establish the population exposure

    Application 2

    Forecasting air quality levels for short term mitigation and public information and warnings

    Application 3

    Source allocation to determine the origin of AQ standard exceedances and provide a knowledge basis for planning strategies

    Application 4

    Assessment of plans and measures to control AQ exceedances

    The work is organized around four main working groups (WGs), following three of the identified applications above: Assessment, source apportionment and planning.

    The fourth WG on emissions is present to provide support to the three other WGs as all WGs highly depend on the quality of the emissive input data. The fourth AQD model application type mentioned above (i.e. forecasting) is closely related to assessment (through evaluation) and planning (forecast is a short term planning) WGs and is therefore inserted as a cross-cutting activity.

    Working groups are led by either a national institution or the JRC with the possibility of co-leadership. The co-lead is here intended to:

    1 support technical and scientific aspects;

    2 provide specific expertise (e.g. networking, tool development etc.).

  • Cross-cutting activities (CCA)

    Ad-hoc cross-cutting activities will be formed to deal with inter-WG specific issues like spatial representativeness, forecasting and the use of monitoring and modeling to support assessment and planning applications.

  • WGs and CCAs synergies