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  • Low-cost sensors

      "low-cost" sensors are very relevant for FAIRMODE, especially concerning methodologies to combine sensor networks with modelled data and official measurements. There is a need to elaborate on the role of the FAIRMODE community in the development and use of sensors and help define what type of activities should be carried out to facilitate the use of sensor data for air quality mapping. The activities of this crosscutting task are closely related to this, i.e. discuss and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different ways low-cost sensors can be used. This does not prevent FAIRMODE from providing indications on long-term need for guidance and explaining what the scope of such guidance would be. Present experiences suggest important roles for data fusion/assimilation approaches, and possibly other techniques with similar scopes. The focus points for this activity are:

      1 Exchanging potential concepts and best practices about the integration of sensor network data in air quality mapping methods

      2 Exploring how air quality modelling can contribute to the exploitation and validation of an air quality sensor network.