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    AQUILA Network

    With the latest developments of the European Air Quality Directives the importance of the National Air Quality Reference Laboratories has grown significantly. Their activity had been acknowledged since a long time and their role has now been formally established: they are legally responsible for the quality assurance of air pollutant measurements in their Member State, which implies the organisation of national QA/QC programmes and the participation to European QA/QC programmes. In addition they may be actively involved in standardisation activities, in the validation of measurement methods and the type approval of instruments.

    Δ Benchmarking Tool

    An IDL-based model evaluation software developed in the framework of the FAIRMODE procedure for benchmarking of Air Quality Directive (AQD) modelling applications.

    EU Composite Mapping Platform

    A bottom-up composition map of air quality over Europe. National/regional agencies or modelling teams are encouraged to provide their best available air quality map for their particular region and those maps will be compiled into an EU-wide bottom-up composite map.

    Source Apportionment

    In order to improve the comparability of results from different approaches and to constrain the output's uncertainty, the JRC launched an initiative for the harmonisation of source apportionment with receptor models in collaboration with the European networks in the field of air quality modelling (FAIRMODE) and measurements (AQUILA)

    SPECIEUROPE Database

    SPECIEUROPE is a repository of source profiles developed by the JRC in the framework of FAIRMODE WG3. The target users are source apportionment and emission experts working on the identification of atmospheric pollution sources in urban or background areas in Europe. In order maximize the compatibility with existing systems, the encoding of species in SPECIEUROPE is coherent with the one of the well-known US-EPA SPECIATE repository for north-American sources.

    EIONET - Model Documentation System

    The Model Documentation System aims to provide guidance to any model user in the selection of the most appropriate air quality model for his application. Inclusion of a air quality model in the system is by no means associated with any form of endorsement for using the particular model: it helps select the most appropriate by using the specifications submitted by the modellers.


    ENSEMBLE addresses the problem of achieving a common coherent strategy across European national emergency management when national long-range dispersion forecasts differ from one another during an accidental atmospheric release of radioactive material. ENSEMBLE makes use of new decision-making procedures and web-based tools for real-time reconciliation and harmonization of dispersion forecasts from meteorological and emergency centers across Europe during an accident./p>

    MACC - Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate

    MACC is funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union and provides the pre-operational atmospheric environmental service of GMES. This service complements the weather analysis and forecasting services provided by European and national organisations by addressing the composition of the atmosphere.


    Initiative on harmonisation within atmospheric dispersion modelling for regulatory purposes