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Forum for air quality modelling in Europe

    • The focus of this activity is on the compilation of high resolution emissions. This is because the compilation of high resolution emissions follows uneven practices across Europe, some times following approaches that are systematically different from those of emission compilation at national level. One of the main aims is to provide recommendations on the necessary steps to document and compile these emission inventories to support air quality assessments and the elaboration of national plans and program under EU legislation. The activities focus on:

      1 Elaborating recommendations for a common system to document the use of ancillary data and define the relevant meta-data that support each emission inventory at urban area. The metadata recommendations provide a common documentation framework to better understand the differences between inventories. The composite mapping platform is used to support this task and test its feasibility

      2 Identifying best practices and drafting final recommendations for the compilation of traffic and residential heating high resolution emission inventories.

      3 Perform benchmarking activities for the compilation of high resolution emissions from new sectors (construction, off-road, agriculture). This is achieved through applying the benchmarking methodology (quality assurance) to a large number of datasets to capture local specificities across Europe. The composite mapping platform supports this benchmarking activity.

      4 Providing relevant feedback to improve European inventories used for regulatory purposes (EMEP), Copernicus monitoring services (CAMS-REG) and integrated assessment applications (EC4MACS).

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