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Forum for air quality modelling in Europe

  • Strategy

    FAIRMODE's implementation strategy (common to each working group) is to proceed through a three-step process based on:

    1 Benchmarking;

    2 Guidance;

    3 Capacity building and Communication.

    Benchmarking is intended here as the compilation of different approaches and the subsequent development and testing of a standardized evaluation/inter-comparison methodology for collecting and reporting model inputs/outputs in a way that enables relevant comparisons. The aim is to identify good practices and propose ways to diagnose problems in performance.

    Once a common evaluation/inter-comparison methodology has been implemented, possibly supported by common tools and/or common datasets is agreed upon, guidance documents can be drafted setting the path to capacity building with the overall objective of promoting good modeling practices among and within MS. One advantage of this structure is that it guarantees guidance being produced within the FAIRMODE network.

    The last but not least activity is to communicate these good practices, identified by expert groups to the broader FAIRMODE community that includes also national and local authorities in charge of the application of models for regulatory purposes.