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  • WG3 - Source Apportionment

    Lead: JRC Co-Lead: RSE Co-ordinator: C.Belis

    In the previous years, the activity focused on reviewing the existing methodologies and assessing their penetration among different group of users. In addition, two inter-comparisons aiming at quantifying the model's performances were accomplished under the linked JRC initiative on Receptor Models. The third branch of the activity was to draft a Guidance document and Common Protocol for Source Apportionment with Receptor Models in Europe.

    The great deal of information and the experience gained so far constitute the starting point for future activities. The next inter-comparisons aims at characterizing a wider range of tools, with particular reference to Receptor Models and Chemical and Transport Models. Assessing model performances in the field of source apportionment requires specific performance indicators which will be further refined in order to better reflect models and practitioners capabilities in the different aspects of source identification.

    The indicators will, subsequently, be implemented into a common assessment tool with the objective to graphically summarize the overall performance to support the users in the assessment of their solutions and to better communicate the reliability of results to the end users.

    WG3 also addresses services for European experts like the creation of a web-based data repository with ready-to-use input data for source apportion models (e.g. chemical fingerprints) and training activities to disseminate best practices. Revision and extension of the current Guidance document and Common Protocol for Source Apportionment to take into account the output of described activities within the WG and the scientific developments in the field are addressed under a perspective of continuous improvement.

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