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  • FAIRMODE 2015 Survey about Methodologies for Estimating the Spatial Representativeness of Air Quality Monitoring Stations

    Spatial representativeness of air quality monitoring stations has been investigated and discussed intensively in the past within FAIRMODE and AQUILA. However, no well-established procedure for assessing spatial representativeness has been identified so far. Also in the scientific literature, there is no unified agreement to address this complex problem.

    Against this background, FAIRMODE is proposing the organisation of an intercomparison of methods for the assessment of the spatial representativeness of air quality monitoring sites. The main objective of this exercise will be to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the different contemporary approaches by applying them to a jointly used example case study. The exercise will be executed by different groups, but on the same shared dataset.

    As the first step (January 2015), we are now conducting a feasibility study for the preparation of this intercomparison exercise. This feasibility study is being carried out by CIEMAT and JRC as a coordinator.

    The aim of this survey is to prepare and evaluate the feasibility of the actual methodological intercomparison study, namely including:

    1 the identification of prospective candidate methodologies to be considered in such an intercomparison

    2 the requirements on shared datasets

    3 an assessment of the comparability of the different types of spatial representativeness results

    The methodological diversity of the different approaches is anticipated to impose significant challenges in this regard. The feasibility study shall therefore also aim to identify the limitations to be expected.

    A questionnaire about different aspects of the intercomparison has been elaborated together with a document explaining details of this survey.

    ATTENTION: Following several requests, the deadline for returning the questionnaire has been postponed to Tuesday, March 10th 2015.

    Thanking you in advance for your contribution,

    Jose Luis Santiago, Fernando Martin and Laura Garcia (CIEMAT)

    Oliver Kracht (JRC)

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